PNRR Projects: Rome Technopole

The “Rome Technopole” project was born on June 27, 2022 with the aim of creating a synergy between the Universities and Research Institutions of the Lazio Region and the industrial world. The project is involved in the three strategic axes of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP) shared at the European level: digitalization and innovation, ecological transition and social inclusion.

The “Rome Technopole” model, led by La Sapienza University, is organized on a Hub & Spoke type governance structure and involves 6 Spokes. There are 5 Spokes in which ISS participates: Applied research, technology development and innovation (Spoke 1); Technology transfer, new entrepreneurship, business incubation and acceleration (Spoke 2); University education, industrial doctoral programs, internationalization (Spoke 3); University professional education in technology (Spoke 4); and Open research infrastructure, joint laboratories, higher education with industrial collaboration (Spoke 6).

For more information on activities under Spoke 2, download the catalog "I prodotti del trasferimento tecnologico nell’ecosistema dell’Innovazione Rome Technopole".

Furthermore, the project is structured into the following 8 Flagship Projects (FPs): Decarbonization and digitalization in research on new green energy sources (FP1); Energy transition and digital transition in urban regeneration and construction (FP2); Digital transition in the decarbonization process and in waste recycling process (FP3); Development, innovation and certification of medical and non-medical devices for health (FP4); Digital transition through AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar technology, quantum cryptography and quantum communications (FP5); Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and digital twin for advanced engineering and aerospace (FP6); Advanced and automated innovation labs for diagnostic and therapeutic biopharma solutions (FP7); Human-centric AI to deliver empowered customer experiences (FP8).

The RIPI Research Group contributed to Spoke 2 and FP4 activities through the development of the Project “Creation of the prototype of the data collection platform of the National Registry of Implantable Prostheses (RIPI) (π-RIPI ) and the organisation of a training course: "MD safety and effectiveness assessment: from clinical investigations to post-market surveillance".

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