RIDIS – Italian Spine Registry

The considerable increase in the number of spinal surgery procedures in Italy, approximately 100.000 in 2017, has supported the inclusion of the Italian Spine Registry (RIDIS) as a line of research of RIPI. This decision has been further prompted by the impact that this type of devices has on patients’ health and on public healthcare and by the need to have, at a national level, a system that allows to monitor the outcome of this type of intervention.

The Technical Committee, established in March 2020, carried out a detailed analysis of the scientific literature, through the various databases, to identify the most important international registries of implantable devices for vertebral surgery, what information they collect and how they are organized. Furthermore, it defined the list of information necessary for data collection, to be considered as a supplement to the SDO (Hospital Discharge Record). Using the national SDO database, it carried out an analysis of the trend of vertebral implantology activity at a national level. Finally, it defined a taxonomy proposal for implanted devices that was shared with the companies in the sector.

These results represent the reference for the next phase of implementation of the registry which will concern the design of the RIDIS data collection system.